Mosquitoes are one of the most-hated insects on Earth. From itchy bites to the myriad of diseases they carry, most homeowners want to do everything they can to prevent mosquitoes from breeding near their home. While we provide mosquito solutions that are effective in reducing the mosquito population around your home, there are a number of ways to get rid of mosquitoes on your own. Here are 5 Do-It-Yourself mosquito solutions to reduce mosquitoes on your property and around your home:

  1. Reduce Standing Water. Reducing the amount of standing water near your home or property can significantly reduce the mosquito threat. While very little water is necessary for mosquitoes to breed or lay eggs, removing buckets or containers from around your home where water may be stagnant can help. Also, turning buckets or kiddie pools upside down can also prevent stagnant water from being around your home.
  2. Invite the mosquitoes’ enemies to move-in. Animals like bats, swallows and certain other birds love to eat mosquitoes. One mosquito solution is to add a bat box or birdhouse to your backyard can attract these mosquito predators to your property and decrease your mosquito population.
  3. Plant lemongrass or use lemongrass oil. The active ingredient in citronella candles is naturally found in lemongrass. While this delves into essential oil territory, lemongrass and lemongrass oil can help. Planting lemongrass in your garden may also help to some degree. However, lemongrass is more effective if it is crushed, dried or even sprayed on and around your home. Citronella oil or candles can help keep them away while your outside but may not be a permanent solution. Other plants like lavender, catnip, basil, and geraniums, among others, can help repel bugs and mosquitoes from your property.
  4. Clean up your yard. When mosquitoes aren’t biting you or flying around your property, they settle in cool, dark, damp areas. Keeping your lawn maintained, trees and shrubs trimmed and brush removed can remove these damp areas from around your home. Also, red cedar mulch can help repel those pesky mosquitoes from around your home.
  5. 2-for-1 DIY option: Coffee and Ice. While there are multiple mosquito solutions, coffee grounds and dry ice also can help. Pouring used coffee grounds into standing water around your home may be effective. The coffee grounds force the mosquito eggs to the surface of the water, depriving them of needed oxygen to survive. This option is environmentally safe and will kill the mosquitoes before they hatch. Another creative option is dry ice. While this is a temporary solution, as dry ice evaporates quickly, it is effective. Mosquitoes tend to be attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale as we breath. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. As it melts, it releases the carbon dioxide and attracts mosquitoes away from your primary dwelling or from around your property. This is a good temporary solution during events at your home.

If these options don’t work for you, contact us about our mosquito treatment options in Atlanta, Buford, Cumming, Hoschton, Marietta or surrounding areas in Georgia.

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