Mosquito Treatment

Mosquito Treatment Services

How does Mosquito Treatment Work?

Trained Zone technicians will apply an odorless product in a specific manner that is simply proven to work. This treatment, reapplied each month from March through October, creates an effective liquid barrier around your home and yard. This barrier helps keep mosquitoes away so you can go outside and relax, explore and play.

Mosquito Treatment Services

Reducing the Mosquitoes Around Your Home

When you sign up for mosquito reduction treatment, our technicians will:

  • Ask questions about where you and your family spend the most time outdoors on your property.
  • Inspect your property for mosquito “problem areas.” (Are there water bowls, old flower pots, tires, children’s toys, etc., collecting water? Are your gutters clear enough to let rainwater drain freely?)
  • Specifically treat mosquito larvae in standing water and water features that cannot be removed.
  • Treat your yard, paying special attention to mosquito habitats like trees and bushes close to the house, old leaves on the ground and more.
“I’ve been with Zone for the past 5 years or so. They do an awesome job. Thanks Tim and Chris, you guys rock!!
C. C.
mosquito treatment

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