It's incredible how much damage such a small insect can do. Let us help you protect your home from termites.

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Termite Control

The Truth About Termites

Termites are an unfortunate fact of life in 49 out of 50 states across the nation. Each year in the U.S. they cause approximately $5 billion in property damage. In Georgia, the threat is particularly severe. Annually, termites cause more property damage than hurricanes, lightning and fires combined!

How does such a small insect inflict so much costly damage? A single termite colony can have hundreds, thousands or even millions of members, depending on the species and environment. They NEVER stop eating, dining mostly on wood, but also plastic, drywall, paper and even sheetrock – all materials that comprise most residential and commercial structures.

Termite Control

Preventing Termites

You can do a few things to prevent your home from becoming a termite colony’s preferred residence:

  • Replace any exterior damaged or damp wood
  • Store firewood well away from your home
  • Don’t leave any wood scraps in the yard
  • Make sure water drains away from your home
  • Don’t let water build up around the home’s foundation
  • Seal any cracks around your house’s exterior

Unfortunately, doing all of these things may not be enough to protect your biggest investment – your home—from termites. However, combining regular preventive care around your property with an effective termite treatment system can save you lots of headaches, heartache and even a small fortune.

Termite Control

Termite Control Services from Zone

Choosing the right termite control company is an important decision. Here at Zone Pest Solutions, we offer comprehensive termite solutions for your home. Here is some more information on our termite control services:

“I was very impressed with the expert information and timely manner in which I had a return call regarding pest control and termite services. All my questions were answered and I feel this will be a great company to do business with.”
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