Whether you have an active termite infestation in need of control, or you are interested in protecting your home against future problems, Zone Pest Solutions is the company to call.

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Termite Warranties

Protection from Termites

As you probably know, most home warranties and insurance policies do not cover repairs from termite damage. These policies typically cover unexpected, sudden events. Insurance companies tend to consider termite infestation and damage preventable.

Termites are considered more of a threat to wooden structures than fire, flood and wind. That’s why it’s so important to protect your home against these destructive pests that cause more than $5 billion in damage annually.

Termite Warranties

What Does a Termite Warranty Cover?

All termite damage warranties are NOT created equal! Zone offers an exceptional termite damage warranty with the following features:

  • Absolutely NO deductibles
  • $1 million dollar limit
  • Covers both structural and cosmetic damage, including hardwood floors
Termite Warranties

How Do You Prevent Termites?

Depending on your preference, we offer the option of treating your home with Sentricon®, the nation’s number one termite baiting system or Termidor®, the nation’s number one liquid termiticide.

Both treatment methods come with the same great retreatment and repair warranty.

“These guys are great! I’ve been using Zone for pest control and termite warranties at my rental properties for about six years. It was a small company back then, but I think they are pretty big in Atlanta now.”
W. D.
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