Whether you love or hate spiders, fall is one of the most prominent times of year that we see spiders in and around our homes in Georgia. We see spiders more often in the fall as its mating season – spiders mate this time of year to create egg sacs that can survive the winter while many of these parental spiders will die during the first frost. So, when you look through the shrubbery around your home, your highly likely to see webs or even egg sacs.

According to Spider ID, there are roughly 38 species of spiders that are found in Georgia. Those species range from the standard black and yellow garden spider to the feared black widow spider. Spiders provide some benefit as they eat other bugs that you don’t want in and around your home. But, most homeowners don’t want them outside due to fear or the possibility of a spider bite.

Spiders such as the mouse spider, hobo spider, black widow spider, and brown recluse spider can be extremely dangerous. Other spiders found in Georgia that may bite include the black house spider and wolf spider which can be dangerous but not typically lethal. Other spiders found in Georgia include the star-bellied orb-weaver, southeastern wandering spider, various species of the jumping spider, huntsman spider, eastern parson spider, varying species of the fishing spider, furrow orb-weaver, southern house spider, green lynx spider, and the curiously shaped arrow-shaped micrathena.

If you’re looking to identify a spider around your home, feel free to contact us or visit Spider ID to identify the spiders around your home.

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