It seems that we’ve went from summer to winter over the past few weeks here in Georgia. And with season change, comes behavior change for the creatures outside. In the Atlanta area, we start seeing our homes invaded by ladybugs, stink bugs, spiders, and furry critters trying to invade our crawlspaces to stay warm. The simple solution to all of these issues is to call Zone, your friendly, neighborhood Atlanta pest control company. However, you may want to tackle a few projects on your own.

Pest Control: Ladybugs, Spiders and Stink Bugs

As summer abruptly has ended, many bugs start seeking shelter to stay warm. Ladybugs and stink bugs tend to try to find residence in homes while spiders may start appearing in your home and crawl spaces.

Of the three, ladybugs are more of a nuisance than a threat. These nuisances can overwinter, entering your home in the fall and emerging as days warm up. While they show up in large numbers, they don’t eat wood, fabric, food, or damage property. And while they can be frustrating, they’re not dangerous. They don’t sting but they can bite and can leave behind stains.

Prevention is always the best solution. If your home is sealed from the outside, ladybugs are forced to move on. However, if they’re already present, removal is the only option. Having your home treated and vacuuming up any remaining ladybugs is typically the best solution.

Stink bugs are similar in nature, however, leave behind an unwanted smell if frightened. They peak in late September or early October. Unfortunately, since we live in the South, we see the most of them.

Now, the last on our list of fall pests are spiders. It seems they show up around Halloween every year, infiltrating the areas around our homes. And as the weather turns colder, spiders begin to seek shelter and move inside. While most are relatively harmless, there are a few, notably the Brown Recluse or Black Widow, who can be dangerous.

Similar to our other fall pests, spiders enter homes through cracks around doors, windows, pipes and other exterior walls. Turning off lights, keeping basements dry, removing cobwebs, and keeping your home clean can help prevent them. How so? Well, spiders are seeking to feed on other insects, so ensuring no bug can get in, removing a spider’s food source will prevent them from entering your home.

No matter the insect entering your home, you can trust Zone for all of your fall pest control needs. Contact us today to learn more or request a free quote.

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