The amount of rain this year means there is more standing water for mosquitoes to reproduce, and given the quick rise in temperatures, the mosquito outlook for 2018 looks very strong. Mosquitoes thrive on hot weather and moisture, and so far our spring season has offered a fair amount of both.

Prior to emerging in the spring, some mosquito species will hibernate during the winter and others will hatch from eggs that were laid during the previous spring season. Warm temperatures usually signal the start of mosquito season, since most mosquitoes do not like to be in temperatures that are below 50 degrees. Once temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees, mosquitoes are ready to come out and start breeding. If warmer temperatures arrive early (as they did this spring), then mosquito season could start sooner. On average, mosquito season begins in Georgia in March or April. Mosquito season will usually last until the first freeze, which in Georgia can sometimes be as late as October!

It’s important to note that you don’t want to wait until you’re getting mosquito bites to start mosquito control treatments around your property. By the time you have mosquitoes flying in your yard, it usually means that a breeding population is present. As weather becomes warmer and more humid, the conditions are ideal for mosquitoes breeding and laying eggs, so it’s best to start treatments early before you have a large population on your hands.

Most mosquito control techniques are applied monthly during the key mosquito months. A one-time treatment will only be a short-term fix, while consistent applications over a series of months will provide a drastic reduction in mosquitoes on your property.

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