Would you drive without car insurance? Would you own a home without a policy to protect your possessions? Of course not – not if you could at all help it. And if you are a homeowner in the state of Georgia, you should add to that list of must-haves a termite bond or warranty.

Think of a termite warranty as an insurance policy against voracious and destructive pests. That’s actually exactly what a termite warranty is. Termite bonds are similar, however bonds require that the pest control company hold a select amount of money in a surety bond. Warranties, on the other hand, are insured by an insurance company and typically allow for better coverage. Annually, termites cause more property damage than hurricanes, lightning and fires combined, toting up $5 billion worth of damage annually.

Eastern subterranean termites (native to Georgia) are a constant threat that must be monitored against. And, should the worst happen, you also want to know that you have an ally that will not only expel those critters but also help you fix any damage inflicted.

In order to do so you need to contract with a professional pest control service. Only certified and insured pest control companies can offer termite warranties – basically an insurance policy on your behalf – as well as a  maintenance contract between customer and termite control company.

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Please note that a “termite warranty” is different from “termite letter” that states that a particular house is found free of termites upon inspection.

A termite warranty is an insurance policy and sometimes includes an ongoing maintenance agreement that provides for inspections and repellant measures to be undertaken during the length of the contract. These agreements also stipulate that the pest control company provides treatment and control if termites are ever discovered during the length of the contract.

A termite warranty and the associated insurance policy should also specify if the service provider will retreat or repair damage from any subsequent infestations or just retreat the invaded structure without providing damage repairs. Some warranties – though not all – can also be transferable between homeowners. It’s best to get a transferable warranty, especially if you ever even think you may move and sell your home.

NOTE: Not all homes qualify for a repair bond or warranty, so be sure to ask about eligibility and costs when you contact your pest control company.

In short, a termite warranty provides peace of mind and guarantees that professionals are looking after your house.

If you do not have a termite bond or warranty, please be aware that Zone offers an exceptional termite damage warranty with the following features:

  • Absolutely NO deductibles
  • $1 million dollar limit
  • Covers both structural and cosmetic damage, including hardwood floors

Depending on your preference, we offer the option of treating your home with Sentricon®, the nation’s number one termite baiting system or Termidor®, the nation’s number one liquid termiticide.

Both treatment methods come with the same great retreatment and repair warranty.

Zone is also one of only a few companies in Georgia using thermal imaging and Termatrac to help detect unseen termite activity and moisture problems other companies may miss. Simply put — Zone’s termite warranties are second to none.

And with offices throughout north Georgia – Buford, Cumming, Hoschton and Kennesaw, as well as Atlanta – we can offer you both convenience and an understanding of your locale.

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