It’s hard to believe that spring has sprung, but here in Georgia rising temperatures and — numerous — rain showers give the distinct impression that old man winter has already packed his bags and headed north.

That’s great news for those who hate long winters. However, that’s also potentially bad news for homeowners.


Warmer temperatures and moist air are also extremely inviting for termites, especially for “swarmers,” the flying termites that hatch in the spring and take off in search of new homes for their colonies.

And if you’re not on guard, it could well be your house one of those little devils selects — a development that could cost you thousands of dollars and hours of painful reclamation after they chew up wood, flooring and just about whatever else they encounter.

Luckily, there are ways to help avoid your residence becoming the next termite buffet. And if you’re curious about termite pest control check out these five tips to keep your house safe from those voracious vermin.

1. Eliminate/reduce moisture in and around your home. Termites need the water to live, so repair any leaky faucets or pipes inside your house and make sure the downspouts and gutters on your house are open and flow properly.

2. Fix those gaps and holes. Repair any damaged boards — like fascia or soffits — or rotted roofing shingles. You should also replace any damaged weather stripping or loose mortar around your basement foundation.

3. Check all the wood around your house and look for signs of infestation — hollowness, rotting, bubbling paint. This most definitely includes around windows and doorframes.

4. Make sure the wood around your house is not touching the soil. In fact, you should strive for an 18-inch gap between any wood on your house and the soil. Also make sure that any firewood you keep is stacked at least 20 feet from your residence.

5. Contact a professional. A certified pest control specialist — like Zone — will make an annual inspection and employ prevention methods that will allow you to rest easier in the knowledge that your house is under watch.

A family-owned and operated company, Zone has the know-how and customer service that makes termite pest control a snap for our customers. And with offices throughout the Atlanta area and north Georgia, Zone will be there whenever and wherever you need us.

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