Termites tend to swarm in Georgia in mid-to-late spring, and they usually swarm during some of the season’s first rains, since they prefer the humidity that the moisture brings. If a dry spell occurs during the typical swarming season, termites will often wait as long as possible for a rain, or they will disperse in small groups versus in the swarming masses.

The first part of the 2018 spring season has undoubtedly been a wet one, although temperatures have remained relatively cool. We know that warmer days are not too far ahead, and we believe that the termites will wait for an increase in temperature before they start to swarm in full force.  If the rainy weather persists, it will undoubtedly be a notable termite season, and it would not be unusual for the swarming season to begin in just a few weeks. Homeowners should certainly take note now of any pre-swarming symptoms that may be present around their homes.

Signs & Symptoms

The appearance of a small black insect with wings is often the first indication that termites are present. These insects are the “termite swarmers,” and they are in-route from their underground nests and seeking mates for reproduction. Despite their name, they don’t fly as much as they crawl. They can often be spotted crawling around indoors, and if you see one inside your house, it is often a good indication that “worker termites,” or the ones that gradually destroy wood, are active in and around your home.

Be mindful of any dirt you find in odd locations, such as inside a window or door frame. Before they start their swarming activity, termites tend to build mud tubes (some may resemble a mud dauber wasp nest), and they usually emerge from these mud tubes when they are ready to swarm.

The big takeaway: termites love warm weather and rain, and as a resident of Georgia, we can almost guarantee that will occur during the next few weeks!


Keep an eye out for small, black insects that have wings. They may resemble ants, but will not have a narrow waist like ants. They will also have wings that extend past their body.

Inspect for any mud tubes around your house, especially around windows, doors and walls.

As warm, rainy weather starts, be on the look out for winged insects “swarming” inside or outside your house.

If you see any signs of termites, give Zone a call! We provide a free termite inspection and can recommend a termite treatment that is guaranteed to keep termites away.

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