Termites – the very word should send shivers down the spine of a homeowner. As any homeowner who has had the misfortune of dealing with an infestation of these destructive pests will tell you, termites are the absolute worst. And, in Georgia, including northeast Georgia and metro Atlanta, termites are an all too common and damaging presence.

They can do thousands – if not tens of thousands – of dollarsworth of damage to any home in their path, especially if left undetected for any length of time.

That is why you must stay vigilant and beware of termite infestation in your home – and know what to do should you encounter them.

The good news is that you do not have to spend time every month on your hands and knees in your crawlspace or basement making sure the coast is clear. In fact, there are plenty of set it and forget it” type of solutions that any professional pest control contractor can install to keep you termite free for as long as you live in your home. And these solutions can literally act as an insurance policy for your home – known as a termite bond or termite warranty.

Perhaps the most effective is known as the Sentricon System.

What is the Sentricon System?

In the simplest terms, Sentricon is a bait that termites ingest and also take back to their colony for their queen and others to eat – which ends up killing the entire colony.

The bait in Sentricon is made up of a termiticide that literally helps create a barrier around your home which no termites can pass up. It also helps to eradicate any colony that has already formed. This is because foragers within the colony will find it and bring back inside – whereupon it will destroy the colony within 60-90 days, depending upon the size of the colony.

In other words, it both eradicates any termites in your home and then protects it for up to one year per installation.

The other good news is that Sentricon is completely safe for you and your family, including pets and is also environmentally sound.

How is Sentricon installed?

If youve ever seen green plastic circles in your neighborsor friendsyards you are likely looking at a Sentricon system. A Certified Sentricon Specialist will install the system above-ground that will then initiate immediate termite feeding.

Inside of the stations is a cellulose bait that termites cannot resist. And while they may be blind and live underground, they make a beeline for it if they are anywhere near it.

How long is Sentricon effective?

This termite treatment is monitored by professional pest control companies annually and refills are typically not required for at least one year.

Is Sentricon expensive?

Despite its amazing effectiveness and ease of use it is actually a very affordable system. In fact, it is often cheaper than many other alternatives.

Sentricon has been in use for over a decade now, and the evidence behind it make it one of the best choices any homeowner can make – especially one in a state as full of termites as Georgia – to protect their property.

There is a reason why Sentricon termite bait systems are trusted to protect the White House.

How do I get Sentricon installed?

Simple, contact a professional pest control company in your area. Sentricon is a staple of professional pest control, so they should know how to install it and produce months-worth of protection and worry-free living.

Zone professionals have been installing Sentricon systems and protecting northeast Georgia and metro Atlanta homes for years – and we are always happy to help new customers. Simply contact us today and get your home protected from these potentially damaging pests.

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